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Who We Are

The Quanten Consortium Angola, LLC is a US company with Executive Offices in San Jose, California, Engineering Offices in Houston, Texas, and Operations Offices in Luanda, Angola, and Soyo, Angola.

Quanten Consortium group of companies focus on developing transformational projects in emerging market countries - these are individual or series of interventions that support deep, systemic, and sustainable change with the potential for large-scale impact in an area of major development challenge. A sister company, Quanten Consortium Aruba, LLC is currently engaged in the refurbishment, upgrade and operations of the Aruba Refinery.

- Transformational Vision

       - Innovative Technologies

                   - Impactful Projects


Dr. Segun Thomas is Managing Partner of Quanten Consortium Angola, LLC. He is also CEO of TGT, Inc. He formerly served as the Chief Technology Officer for Exploration and Sciences and Director of Advanced Engineering at Lockheed Martin supporting the NASA Johnson Space Center in the development, operation and maintenance of space vehicles, sub-systems, and components. Dr. Thomas managed hundreds of engineers and scientists in developing aspects of the the next generation of space vehicles that will replace the Space Shuttle and take humans to Mars or Lagrange points and beyond. He held other key leadership positions in the American Space Program including Program Director of the GN&C Autonomous Rendezvous and Capture Development for the Hubble Robotics Vehicle Program, director of departments responsible for a) the development of the Space Shuttle and Space Station sub-systems; b) robotic systems research/development; c) all of the shuttle and station flight dynamics; d) all the engineering simulators and e) the development, operations, and maintenance of fifteen multi-billion dollar laboratories and test facilities.


Dr. Thomas received his Ph.D. from Columbia University, is an Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and author of numerous journal articles and book reviews. He is affiliated with four universities, and has been an Adjunct Professor at two universities. Selected Astronaut Candidate finalist. He is on the board of directors of two high technology companies. He served on the board of directors of the National Management Association and the Black United Fund


Mr. Jeff Meyers is Managing Partner of Quanten Consortium Angola, LLC. He is also Founder and Board Chairman of Quanten, LLC and Quanten Electrical Contractor, Inc. (QEC), which provides electrical services for large commercial and industrial projects. QEC collaborates with Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) utility in the USA in projects involving grid connection, and retrofitting buildings with energy saving solutions utilizing incentive funds as designated by the State of California.


In 2008, his company was primary consultant in the upgrade of the Chinese Broadcast System from Analog to Digital Broadcast prior to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, certified by the Chinese State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television.


Jeff Meyers successfully negotiated funding with Hitachi America to develop higher speed LCD response times for the gaming industry, which led to the technology used in Flat Panel Televisions of today through his co-founded company, Integrated Display Technology, Inc., which he sold in 2009.


Since 2009 he has participated in developing the business plans and model of LED products in North America for Toshiba LED Lighting, Chi Lin Technology, and ‘Billo Brand’.


Mr. Hildo Piedade is an Executive Consultant with Quanten Cosortium Angola, LLC and currently heads the Luanda office of Quanten Consortium Angola, LLC. He is also the CEO of Gemeas Corporation and a lecturer at one of the Universities in Luanda.

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Ms. Linda A. Anukwuem is an Executive Consultant with Quanten Consortium Angola, LLC. Ms. Anukwuem is responsible for coordinating the relationship between major and minor contractors, and advisors. She outlines, writes and negotiates agreements and she liaises with the local, state and national government officials in the United States.


Prior to joining Quanten Consortium Angola, LLC. Ms. Anukwuem served as the Chair for the City of Houston’s Mayor’s International Trade & Development Council for Africa (MITDC-Africa) under Mayor Annise Parker as well as chaired the Arts, Culture and Community Relations Committee. MITDC-Africa was a liaison to expand the constructive dialogue between Houston’s International business community and the City government, and to jointly identify opportunities to promote the city of Houston globally, economically, educationally and its tourism. In addition, she participated with Sheriff Ed Gonzales’ transition committee regarding community relations to bridge the gap with communities in Harris County.


Ms. Anukwuem is familiar with projects that promote the exchange of best practices for the international community. Her public relations experience has allowed her to gain knowledge regarding relationship building with key partners and become comfortable with managing special events. In the past, she facilitated key partnerships for the Nigeria Content Investment Forum held during the Offshore Technology Conference week in Houston, Texas. In addition, she has worked to support the financial infrastructure of corporate organizations. Possessing more than 10 years of experience of working in diverse financial and accounting positions.


Linda attended the University of Houston, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology. In her professional career, she worked as an accountant with Bracewell & Guiliani, LLP and United Airlines. Because of her hard work and professional acumen, she was featured in the eighth edition of Who’s Who in Black Houston.

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